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How to photograph children at weddings

Children at weddings

A wedding photographer’s job is to capture the essence of the couple’s big day. Catching important moments such as the bride and groom’s first dance is key in capturing moments that will last a lifetime. Couples love to look back on their wedding day albums and reminisce about their special day. But it’s not always the staged shots that get the most laughs. Sometimes the best photos are the incredibly candid ones; Grandma breaking it down on the dance floor, Cousin Patrick falling backwards into a table, or your sweet little Niece who got into your red lipstick.

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Children at weddings seem to be the best at creating spontaneous photo opportunities. Their adorable, innocent nature makes for some funny images. Whether they are scooting around the dance floor or making funny faces into the camera, you can always count on priceless photos. But how is it possible to get them to pose for the pictures you do want? That can be a little tricky. You might have a better shot at it if you remember a couple of key points.

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Children at weddings love to see themselves on camera. A good trick when trying to get children to pose for photos is to show them the images. They are highly amused by themselves and this just might get you a little more cooperation. Children, especially younger ones, will find this entertaining and want to show you their biggest and best smiles. Try to make a game of it for them and they just might respond in kind.

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Timing for photographing children at weddings is everything. The best time to photograph children is before the wedding. This is probably the most important piece of advice one can give. Children are known to have shorter attention spans and less patience than adults. It is good to catch them before they become hungry, upset, and seriously needing a nap. Make sure to get all your adorable kid/baby shots early in the day!

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Children at weddings are constantly on the move. It is important to note that a different camera setting should be used when photographing children. A faster shutter speed will allow you to capture the pose even with some movement. Most DSLR cameras have a child mode in the settings. You might also try shooting in bursts in order to capture a couple of frames per second as opposed to one single frame. It will also be helpful to stoop down to their height. Being eye level with the children will make for a more proportionally correct photo.

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As always with children, it will take time and patience to get the shots you desire. A relaxed, calm atmosphere is always best in the hopes that children mimic their environment. Keeping the calm, and going with the flow will go a long way. Don’t be upset if things don’t go as planned because the truth is, they probably won’t! Go into the photo session with an open mind and a relaxed manner and the children should follow suit!

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