Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ Wedding Photographers

FAQ Wedding Photographers

Q: How can I book you for our wedding?

Please use the contact-form. I can then tell you if I’m available for your wedding date and send you additional information on packages and pricing.

Q: Where are you based?

I live in a lovely coastal town Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline, Fife.

Q: What areas do you cover?

I cover mostly weddings Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife. I don’t mind travelling and love destination wedding.

Q: How far in advance should I book you?

Most couples book me a half to two years before their wedding. Occasionally some weddings are booked few weeks before a wedding. As I’m a solo photographer I can only cover one wedding on a given day, therefore I can only hold the dates with a signed contract and deposit (usually 20% of the package price).

Q: How long do you spend with us on our wedding day?

I offer full day packages that means I’ll not ‘go home’ without providing the service we agreed to. I usually join you from getting ready until the first 3 dances.

I appreciate that full day coverage may be too much for very small weddings and if you require a different package, please get in touch and we’ll tailor a package for you.

Q: How much does it cost to hire you?

There are no two exactly the same weddings and prices vary, more details can be found here: INVESTMENT. My full day wedding packages start from £750. Please get in touch and I will send you detailed pricing

Q: Do you need / use models for your website?

My portfolio consists of real wedding photography.

Q: What photographer insurance do you hold?

I hold full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Q: What is your experience with photographing weddings?

As a full-time photographer, I’ve documented over 200 weddings in last 6 years.

Q: When will our photographs be ready?

Your digital proofs will be ready in an online gallery in  Clients area within 1-4 weeks of your wedding.

Q: Can I check what other clients think about you?

You’re very welcome to read recent wedding photographer reviews here.

Q: How many images to we get on the USB drive?

Full day wedding clients receive approximately 500 images that are carefully selected and enhanced. The images are ready to be printed right away.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot exclusively with professional Canon digital photography equipment. I always have backup equipment to be ready for any eventuality.

Q: Can you shoot a wedding if it rains or if the venue is rather dark?

I hope for the best light for your wedding. However I cover mostly weddings in Scotland and I’m prepared for every weather. I hold professional Canon lenses that will help me capture your day brilliantly even if it rains. As a qualified photographer I control the amount of light that gets in the camera and onto the sensor by aperture and shutter. I can also adjust the sensor to record more in low light. If you are interested in this rather technical subject, happy to provide you with more information at our initial meeting.

Q: Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?

I shoot in Raw format, meaning that images are not processed in the camera to allow post processing of the raw image. This technique lets me compensate for those days when our wonderful Scottish weather doesn’t provide the perfect light for the wedding shoot.

FAQ Wedding Photographers – I need your help!

I would like to ensure you make an informed choice when choosing a wedding photographer. If you have any suggestions on what to include in FAQ Wedding Photographers section, please let me know! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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