All you need to know about Wedding Photography Glasgow

Wedding photography in Glasgow offers some of the best backdrops Scotland has to offer. From the gothic splendor of Glasgow University to the natural beauty of the Botanical Gardens and Kelvingrove Park. Glasgow has a photographic venue to suit every taste, and the artistic requirements of every Bride and Groom.

The “big city feel” that wedding photography in Glasgow brings to Documentary or Epic photography styles is a magnet for photographers. It offers wonderful contrasts between its Victorian architecture, shown in the sandstone buildings of locations like The Glasgow Art Club and the modernity epitomized in Charles Rennie McIntosh’s House for an Art LoverIt is making it easy to choose locations that ensure your wedding photographs are uniquely you.

Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens are worth further discussion because they allow the wedding photographer to hedge his bets on the weather. This is one of the few locations where wedding photos taken inside are as spectacular as those taken outdoors. As a result, the fickle Scottish weather needn’t disappoint or force hectic changes to plans when you decide to use the Gardens. A good photographer will discuss contingencies with you ahead of the wedding. And if you plan your marriage in late September. you’ll be blessed with rustic red and gold coloured leaves on the trees and shrubs outside, with contrasting tropical greens inside the garden’s Kibble Palace Glasshouse.

Many couples plan their wedding in two locations. A popular combination uses the Botanic Gardens and nearby Oran Mor which is licensed for wedding ceremonies, civil partnerships, civil ceremonies and receptions.

A discussion on wedding photography in Glasgow wouldn’t be complete without mentioning elopement and the many beautiful places in the city to capture the romance of running away with your sweetheart. Young lovers have been fleeing to Scotland since 1757 when England and Wales passed strict marriage laws making it difficult for young people to marry freely. In Scotland, a simple declaration of your love and intent in front of witnesses is all that’s required. With the right photographer it’s possible to record your elopement in the spirit and style of your choosing, leaving you with a wedding portfolio that brings back the memories and excitement of that day every time you look at it.


Finally, don’t forget the important role of the photographer in securing the all important record of your wedding day. Not all photographers are the same and it’s always recommended you find a person you will be able to discuss your vision with candidly. Our own Thomas Adameczek is expert is all aspects of wedding photography in Glasgow and will be delighted to partner with you to make the photographic record of your big day all you imagined it could be.

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