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Scotland offers a variety of wedding venues available for couples to choose from. From elegant hotels to Whisky clubs to magnificent castles the variety of venues is nothing but good news for a creative photographer.

Scottish law allows couples to marry anytime (even at night!) and anywhere, even outdoors, as long as the ceremony is conducted by a religious official, registrar or a non-religious Humanist Society Scotland celebrant.

If you are foreign nationals who do not live in the UK, you can still get married in Scotland. The arrangements are the same as those for a couple living in the UK, however you may be subject to immigration control. The relatively simple arrangements and paperwork are one of the reasons why so many couples from around the World choose Glasgow or Edinburgh as a wedding destination. I had a pleasure of photographing couples who come from the United States, Australia, Ireland, France and Poland.

As an wedding photographer Edinburgh I’ve photographed weddings in so many inspiring locations, please find some of my favourite wedding venues in Scotland below.

I will be adding more wedding venues to the page over next months so watch this space!

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