Donna + Jonny – wedding at Fernie Castle, St. Andrews, Cupar

Romantic and atmospheric Fernie Castle in Fife was the backdrop to Donna and Jonny’s wedding. And how gorgeous is Donna in her stunning wedding dress. Donna and Jonny it was my pleasure to photograph your wedding. Congratulations.

1 fernie castle St Andrews Cupar

2 bride makeup

3 bride reflection in mirror4 bride portrait5 wedding flowers closeup6 groom havig drink7 father and mother of groom8 groom welcoming guests9 piper10 bride arriving11 groom12 outdoor wedding ceremony at fernie castle st andrews cupar13 bride14 wedding ceremony15 humanist wedding ceremony16 exchanging wedding rings17 first kiss18 happy newlywed19 bride and groom walking20 romantic closeup of bride and groom21 bride and groom with guests

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